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Sample Books

Textile Sampling produce Swatches that can be stacked in one simple stack with all swatches having the same height and width, or they can be assembled in a vignette format. This allows large scale patterns to be viewed at the same time as their smaller scaled or solid color coordinates.


There's no better aid to selling fabric than a sample that your customer can see and touch. We especially provide best quality production to textile industry, garment, fabric manufacturing, leather manufacturing, upholstery industry and window fashion industry. Our main productions are textile sample books, fabric sample book, hanger collections, waterfall collections, waterfall card, wall fabric sample book, wallpaper sample book etc. We have many seasoned technical experts, designers and sophisticated workers in our company and we also have advanced equipment, such as drapery-cut machine, Automatic gluing machine, pasting machine, border closing machine and others.

Textile Sampling always ensure that our productions are of good quality and swift delivery time. Material and printing are as per customer's requests.

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