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Whether you are starting a fashion business or expanding your hobby into something more profitable, you will have encountered the term “Cut, Make and Trim.”(CMT) is a term used by clothing manufacturers and factories. 



Textile Sampling believe that your design deserves life. We take your design and required materials and combine these with our expertise and cutting edge machinery, to cut and arrange the fabric ensuring that it will fall perfectly when worn. Then, our team of dedicated Seamstresses carefully sew the fabric pieces together, ready for the trimmings to be added and pressed with the finishing touches your design needs in order for it to fully come to life.



The sample is where you can really start to see your vision being brought to life. At this stage, we create a prototype so that you can see what your final design will look like. This stage also allows us the opportunity to spot any flaws in the design which may need adjusting such as the pattern, fit or the fabric, which we can then amend before proceeding with the next stage, the pattern grading, ensuring all your garments will be proportionally perfect.



Once you are happy with your sample and the fit, we will then carefully measure, plot and adjust the base size of the sample pattern at each seam, to create your full range of required sizing, while still maintaining the shape, fit, balance and proportion of the original prototype. Then we will produce the precise size sets for each of your garments on 190gsm card or in one of our CAD formats, ready to proceed with production.



We produce up to 1,000 units per week at our easy to access based factory. All production is meticulously monitored from Sampling to Production, by our dedicated team. Once you have approved the sample, or provided your own, and your patterns have been graded to meet all sizing requirements, our team will set to work on cutting, making and trimming your creation using only the finest materials and best machinery for your needs

Allows us to bring life to your fashion design drawings

Your Fashion Design


1. School Uniforms.

2. Corporate Uniforms.

3. Hospital Linen.

4. Fashion Clothing.

5. Dog Beds and other related items

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