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Welcome to our Textile Sampling

We specialise in production of small run, quick change sampling product, We deliver an impeccable selection of inspiring fabric in a range of formats and our products are of highest quality. 

Why Choose  Textile Sampling

From surface mounted swatch cards to complex waterfall books, large volume as well as just-in-time small runs, design, production & fulfillment, Textile Sampling has the capabilities and experience youre looking for in a materials sampling supplier.


Honest and Dependable

Our dedicated team are always available for your attention and waiting for your instructions.


We Are Always Improving

We always learn on every project we do


We Are Passionate

We take pride at what we do every day

Our Products

Carpet Samples

Carpet Samples

Textile Sampling is the largest and longest running carpet sampling operation in South Africa. Since its inception it has been owned and operated by the previuosly disadvantage individuals.
Our company has continued to stay
ahead of its competition by purchasing
the latest cost efficient equipment from around the globe to meet
client demands.

Sampling Books

Sample Books

There's no better aid to selling fabric than a sample that your customer can see and touch. We especially provide best quality production to textile industry, garment, fabric manufacturing, leather manufacturing, upholstery industry and window fashion industry. Our main productions are textile sample books, fabric sample book and wall wallpaper sample book.

Wall Paper Samples

Wall Paper Samples

Textile Sampling are also experts in all sample products related to the wallcovering industry. We made samples  for the residential wallcovering market. We produce a specialized swatch cards that is used to represent wallcoverings materials that incorporate specialized feeler samples. We also produce wallcovering books, individual samples, and all other products for the Wallcovering industry.

Waterfall Hanger

Waterfall Hangers

Individual hanging samples are commonly used in retail or in a designers showroom. Hanging samples are typically large enough to allow the user the ability to drape, fold or hang the sample in a way that matches its intended use, such as covering an upholstery frame, or window.
Presentation hangers can also be used to show suggested color and pattern correlations, 

Contract Cards

Contract Cards

Textile Sampling produce The swatches that can be viewed and felt through die cut windows on the front and or back of the card. Swatches are always straight-edge cut, and the visible portion of the swatch is determined by the size and shape of the die cut windows.  contract card is a swatch card with material swatches held between two plies of printed card stock.

Ring Books

Ring Books

Ring books are a way to have large swatch samples for viewing. Hanging samples often require a serged edge finish to prevent fraying of materials. Methods of communicating information about the products include custom printed header cards, corner labels, adhesive labels and border labels. Printed information cards can be used as cover, back or inserted pages within the ring book. 



Properly cut samples are an attractive and ravel-resistant sales aid. Our cutting machines provide both pinked and straight cut capabilities. Our cutting machine provides for superior fabric utilization reducing the yardage required to produce your project. Swatches are most often pinked, but they can be straight edge cut depending on the materials. Some fabrics require serging to limit fraying. 

Cut Make Trim

Cut Make Trim

Textile Sampling believe that your design deserves life. We take your design and required materials and combine these with our expertise and cutting edge machinery, to cut and arrange the fabric ensuring that it will fall perfectly when worn. Our dedicated team carefully sew the fabric pieces together, ready for the trimmings to be added and pressed with the finishing touches.

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